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alexis sierra williams

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hi dimes, 


i’m from statesville, nc, raised by two real-life superhereos. 

i am currently a project manager. my free time consists of relieving some stress at the gym, discovering the town’s hidden jewels, indulging in reality tv, or loving on my friends and family.

as i journey through life, my goal is to establish a foundation that will sustain generations to come, spread grace, love and be loved, have fun and look damn good while doing it. how and what any of that looks like, i’m not sure.

 so grab your purses, collect your coins and follow ttp as we grow and play together.  


hi dimes, 


i'm from smithfield, nc in a household full of creative women. 


when I’m not working, i enjoy visiting my family, or reading a book. i also find joy in exploring new cities, trying new foods, and catching up with friends. 


as i develop into my true self, my goal is to take more risks and open myself to loving others while being loved. my goal is to learn how to embrace vulnerability. 


welcome to our thoughts, travel and experiences.  let’s explore this thing called life together!

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