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2021 valentine's day activities

the season of love is here! like most activities this past year, we have to adapt and make the best of our situation and you might be floundering with what the heck to do to make the day feel special for yourself and for the people you love. note, showing someone that you care and appreciate them should be a daily task but in light of this commercial holiday, fortunately, it doesn’t have to take much to mean much. we got you covered on some activities that you can do with your boo (or friends, we just wanted it to rhyme):

movie night-

this is a classic move but it works every time. make their favorite meal, or order take-out (tons of businesses are having v-day meal specials) and turn your living room into a cozy dinner theater. If you want to go the traditional route, that’s easy too!: movie theatre candy is easy to find at the dollar store, grab some popcorn, to add a little spice head on over to canva, and make a quick movie ticket. make the room cozy and hit play!

discover a new movie together or watch a classic, here are some of our suggestions:

netflix: Hitch, Silver Linings Playbook, Love & Basketball

hulu: Always Be My Maybe, If Beale Street Could Talk

need more?: our girl O has you covered with all the great movie picks:

DIY spa night:

now, who wouldn’t love a little love and relaxation? head over to tj maxx, walmart, or target to get a few of these items to turn your entire house into a luxury spa: bubble bath, body scrub, body, and massage oil, face masks and rollers, robe, a foot tub, a bottle of some funky polish, tons of candles the list goes on. Whether it’s with bae or your bestie your spa is not to disappoint.

you have a shopping list, here’s what to do once you get everything: massages, facials, pedicures, manicures

oh, don’t forget to pop the bubbly!

game night:

if you have a strong competitive spirit and a quick tongue for talking a little junk, this is the activity for you.

game suggestions: have a scavenger hunt, twister, uno, checkers, chess, guess who, scrabble

make vision boards:

believe it or not, there’s a little romance is talking about where you see yourself in the future. dive into the symbolism by getting creative with magazine words and pictures. vision boards are also a great way to learn new things about the special people in your life!

supplies needed: cardstock/foam board, glue, scissors, and magazine!

virtual dance class

ok! Just listen, put on that fancy outfit and your best shoes, have a little candlelit dinner and it’s time to groove, and if anything you are in for a good laugh! try some of the dances below:

salsa -

waltz -

jive -

tango -

every day can be valentine’s day with a good attitude and a splash of quality time. take the time to spoil yourself, your family, and your partners this weekend. let us know how you plan on giving the gift of love!

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