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crime: running, sleeping, and a counterfeit bill

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

j.felderproductions 2020

disappointed, but not surprised, living as black americans in 2020. imagine that, being black, in america.

“to be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time,” james baldwin

we are raw, how else can this nation prove that it believes that our blood is more precious on the ground than it is pumping through our veins? when does it change?

we are enraged and tired, how many more years do we have to march or how many more names do we have to hashtag? who don’t we know about? our grandparents may never see the day where we don’t.

we are desperate for a solution that brings about much-needed justice for those who have lost their lives and changes for those of us who are still here. at this point, something has to shift and that’s by any means necessary, no more band-aids or pacifiers.

to our kinfolk, you matter. to the protestors, we are with you.

and here’s how you can help:

j.felderproductions 2020

this is barely scraping the surface, there’s so much more out there. google it.

OPEN YA PURSE: general funds:


lgbtq freedom:


wfpc mutual aid fund:


there’s more:


breonna taylor:

ENOUGH to 55156

george floyd:

FLOYD to 55156

JUSTICE 668366

ahmaud aubrey6:

JUSTICE to 5516

The Movement for Black Lives:



  • @whoagso

  • @gso_mutual_aid

  • @charlotteuprising

  • @theconsciouskid

with power,


j.felderproductions 2020

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