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making it through: stay at home!

listen, who would have ever thought we would be in this situation, a pandemic??? COVID-19 or corona-virus *cardi b’s voice* has really come in and shook the room. life as we knew it will probably never be the same as far as the way the public operates on a day-to-day basis. the question is, when is sis going to pack her bags and leave? her time is UP. nonetheless, Corona LaShay Da’Virus has opened our eyes.

Until the pandemic ends we must make the best of this time and use it to our advantage, here are a few things that have been keeping us somewhat sane!

  1. stay home, please! summer is right around the corner, we miss the streets and the streets miss us. but more importantly, staying at home will slow down the spread, protect your loved ones’ well-being and ease the anxiety that comes with determining whether or not you've come into contact with the virus. if it’s not a necessity, do not risk it for your own health or anyone else's.

  2. set a routine: yes, take a few days to enjoy your time alone at home--lay around and watch all the netflix. BUT ultimately set a routine of how you want your day to go inside the house and stick to it as much as you can.

  3. be kind and patient: everyone is going through a drastic change right now and the last thing we need is you to be fussy!

  4. take on that project: you know the one you’ve been putting off because you don’t have time. well, now what’s the excuse? and what better time to work on Y O U. take this time to sit with yourself and do the work that you know that needs to be done.

  5. turn it off: information overload from news and social media outlets can create anxiety and panic. It’s ok to not want to constantly be reminded of the current scaries. shut it off if you have to! this will also help with #4.

  6. indulge in the simple pleasures, again: things that we have been depending on in our lives have been shut down because they are not necessary for us to survive and not having access is just a mere inconvenience No gym? Go for a walk or youtube at-home workouts. No nail salon? paint your own nails. we are still trying to figure out the hair salon/barbershop thing, whew chile. lettuce pray. Pick up the phone and chat with some people you’ve been distant with. A new conversation and a good laugh are always helpful during times like this.  

  7. and that's on marie kondo: this is the perfect time to organize and declutter. pick an area in your home whether it be your closet or your baseboards to clean and/or reorganize. you don’t have to do everything in one day, either assign each task a day of the week to work on a certain area or when boredom strikes tackle that seasoning cabinet or that coat closet.

we’re going to get through this, hang in there people! what are activities you are doing to fill your time at home?

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