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navigating uncertainty : what's really going on

trying to find a job during a pandemic or constantly stressing because you’re not *essential* and budgets are being cut. all while, trying to stay healthy, not spread the virus because you never know but also wanting to see your loved ones. that's our reality and we are sure that those circumstances are unique to us and can’t even fathom worse. Like that is J U S T focusing on COVID and not any other current issue.

life for everyone is very different and we just do not know what’s going to be next….like an earthquake, really?! 

  1. take things one day at a time: pandemic or not, life is full of curveballs. how you handle them determines the outcome. focus on the now and reality of the situation. yesterday is done and tomorrow has its troubles.    

  2. give yourself some credit: chilllleeeee, listen. if no one has told you, we are here to tell you: you are doing fabulous, sweetie. despite everything you have been through, look at you, alive, present, and advancing each day. keep it up, even if all you can do some days is just show.

  3. talk to those who love you: dimes, your support system is vital because they desire the absolute best for you. they’re always there to surround you with love and encouragement when you need it the most, but you have to communicate! give them a heads up, pick up the phone, and let your worries out. 

  4. think “in due season”: trust us, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re on the brink of a life change, but feeling like you’re waiting forever. it’s TOUGH and it gets harder every day. however, remember that things don’t always happen according to our timeline. trust that things will fall into place when they need to, therefore, there’s no need to stress!

regardless of how soon our good sis corona goes home, your feelings are valid, things will be okay, but things take time. know that we are your biggest cheerleaders rooting for your success! what are your sentiments about our current state of uncertainty? what do you do when you feel like your life is all over the place?

send us an email or comment under our post.

we can’t wait to hear from you!

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