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take it easy: simple ways we stay cool, calm & collected

We’ve given you a variety of tips on how to keep yourself cool, calm, and collected. So, we figured it was only fair to share how we regroup in times of distress!

icv’s top 4 r&r tips:

  1. Get active- Nothing motivates me to get active like being stressed or upset. I either go to a gym or take a stroll in a populous environment because it gives me time to clear my mind while I blow off some steam. I’m sure you know, those after workout showers are the bomb!

  2. Get organized- I know I’m going through something when my room is a mess. I despise stepping over things and not being able to see my floor. So whenever I feel like laying down, I turn on some music and begin cleaning up.

  3. Watch a movie- Watching a movie is my absolute favorite thing to do in the world. Whether it’s curling up on the couch or going to the theater, I’m bound to have a grand time!

  4. Take a nap- Honestly, I don't think there’s anything that I love more than taking a nap. My rest is so important to me and even if my problems aren’t solved by the time I wake up, I always feel more prepared to handle things rationally afterward.

aw’s top 4 r&r tips:

  1. Get it out- Whenever I’m tense it helps to organize and process my thoughts. Call up a trusted friend or loved one (my go-to is my mama) and talk it through and if you don’t want to share it helps to also write it down!

  2. Get active- Working out is relaxing! like Ina said, moving and sweating plus the hardest, loudest playlist ever, melts my little attitude away! Exercise also helps me maintain a routine and to not become so stressed during the week.

  3. Hit the road, jack- I enjoy going for joy rides and site seeing. My fav is looking at houses I can't afford, yet and driving through the country! Sometimes stepping away from my normal environment for a few helps me come back refreshed and ready to tackle the task or challenge ahead!

  4. Shower- Nothing like jumping into a hot shower and letting the water do its thing! When I really have time I draw myself a bath, with candles and wine and enjoy!

Dimes, what are some quick and easy ways you gather your life when you’re in need of a break? Leave us a comment below or send us an email ( to chat about what you do to stay cool, calm & collected!



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