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the beauty box: our skincare routine.


S K I N C A R E 



T Y P E :

sensitive + oily with a side of dry. my skin

so i try not to experiment too much.


C L E A N S E: 

aveeno: brightening cleanser: this is by far the best face wash i’ve ever used. it lathers really well and it leaves my face feeling moisturized. It works best when I use a little scrubbing pad.

thayers witch hazel: unlike the other toners I’ve used, thayers does not dry my face, have a funny smell, or burn. i squeeze some on a cotton pad, rub it in and my face feels fresh. i have seen people say it drys their skin, so do your research before you try it

M O I S T U R I Z E: 

trader joe's nourish oil-free antioxidant facial moisturizer: i began using this after watching a few youtube videos and it’s been one of my favorite purchases. i have dry, sensitive skin - it has yet to let me down. one pump of this magic covers my entire face and neck - a little goes a very long way! it can be found at your local TJ’s for much less than you’ll pay online.

trader joe’s zinc oxide sunscreen lotion: y’all i have never been a fan of sunscreen because of the smell and the ashy layer it gives me but it is nothing like that! i only use it on my face, but it works well on your entire body. like the facial moisturizer, a little goes a long way and it's cheaper if you purchase it in store!


A W’S 

S K I N C A R E:  

 now dimes, i just got into skincare, thanks to corona boredom and youtube. you all can probably help me out a lot more than i can help you. the big thing i make sure i avoid is fragrance. 

but here is what i have so far: 




combination, but i’m leaning towards dry. 

please send me some tips on other things i need to focus on! 


C L E A N S E: 

urban skinrx: i use the clear skin cleansing bar, they have 2 others to choose from depending on what you would like out of your cleanser. it comes with 2 sponges, but i purchased a facial brush in the beauty section at tj maxx.

toner: i’ve used several different brands in the past, i just happened to pick up a bottle of Heritage Store, rosewater toner at tj maxx. let me tell you, you think your face is clean until you follow up with your toner.

M O I S T U R I Z E: 

trader joe’s hyaluronic acid serum: found their skincare line thanks to a dermatologist youtube review, i must note i had a reaction to one of the products in the line, i am slowly working each one back in until i find the culprit. this serum seems to be innocent-fairly priced and a whole lot goes a long way.  i follow this while my face is still damp from the toner. 

clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion+: i know, i know...i need to find something that doubles as a sunscreen. i’ve been searching, but my skin is super wild and can have funky reactions. thus far, this has been doing the job.

clinique moisture surge overnight mask: the same routine, but i use this at night and the glow in the morning, magnificent.

miss. robyn just blessed us with fenty beauty and we are on the fence about, what are your thoughts, yay or nay? 

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