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the circle of life

It’s the late 1990’s and The Lion King is the new classic childhood movie that causes everyone to halt and pay attention. Fast forward to 2019, The Lion King live action movie is now in theaters! Truth is, this movie is for us 20 somethings; these new babies have no business watching it until they’ve seen the original. TLK is special to us because of the emotions and life lessons it represents and we thought we’d share a few:

  1. Listen to the wise - It’s so important to understand that although you may be considered adults now, you’re still very young. If you have some wise people in your corner, take some time to listen to their advice. Most of the time their insight allows you to consider things you hadn’t thought about that’ll help you navigate your problem. Mufasa always came through with the wise words!

  2. You may be working hard, but your haters are working harder - Can we all agree that Scar is the biggest hater of all time? He’s just like the people that can’t stand to see you win. Understand that if you continue to drink your water, exfoliate, and mind your business - they have nothing on you!

  3. Time proves your character - It’s natural for people to gossip. However, your power lies in your reaction. Learn how to stride with poise when things aren’t going your way because some people can’t grasp the concept of your greatness prematurely. Your moment to shine is on the horizon!

  4. Your squad is always gonna ride - The lions, Zazu, Rafiki, Timon, and Pumbaa all came through for Simba when he needed them the most and your squad will too! As we continue to explore adulthood, it can be extremely difficult to keep in touch with your friends. Be intentional about checking in on them because they’re the people you want to share your special moments with.

  5. Nothing can stop what you’re destined for - Regardless of the trials and tribulations you go through, it’s all working for you to become your best self. It’s so important to remember that you were once hoping to be where you are at the moment- appreciate and indulge in the now. Your struggles are molding you into who you’re destined to be. Instead of stressing, let your lessons be your blessings!

Simba’s journey wouldn’t be meaningful if he was born with all of the characteristics that he needed to be king; it took time. We’re still young with an abundance of things to experience. So, awaken the lioness/lion within you and enjoy your journey! Be proud of yourself and your team for how far you’ve come- after all, we are!



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