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the poised beauty box

Don’t act, just like a purse we all have one and it’s filled with stuff we use daily things we pull out when we are trying to pop out, and the wastes of our money. Here are AW’s and ICV’s tried and true products.

What’s in AW’s Hair Box:

feb 2020- last good hair day before rona, two weeks post-wash: i stretched it for days after washing, shrinkage it real

i retwisted it hours before this was snapped--using my spray bottle, probs cantu leave in and beeswax.

Hair Type: Idk-4 something

Porosity: huh? I’m still learning

Natural journey: ~3 years

Main needs AW wants from her products: Moisture, (Hint: if the first ingredient is water, it’s a pretty good indicator of moisture)

1. Design Essential, Almond & Avocado Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion: THE HOLY GRAIL. I mean this is a game-changer for this 4 something hair. The moisture and the softness it gives my hair is unbeatable. I use this when my hair is wet and dry. A little goes a long way. The lotion is extremely beneficial during the winter months when the cold air is harsh on my curls.

2. The leave-in: OKAY: i can go through some leave-in and i bounce back in forth between different brands. But this is v. affordable and you can typically find a may favorite spot, tj maxx!

3. Oils, I do my best to make sure I find them in their purest form: I use these as pre-poos, and when I style my hair for extra shine and sealant. The oils also change based on whatever mood I am in when I visit the beauty supply store. Pretty much any time I have my hands in my hair they are coated in at least one. These are the consistent oils I use.

  • Almond: great shine and stimulates growth

  • Vitamin E: prevent breakage, helps restore hair follicle

i mix everything above in my handy dandy spray bottle and M A G I C in between washes!

4. Beeswax: I’m still on the fence about this product. In my mind, it does not let my hair breathe (LOL) but it does make for awesome definition on my twist outs. I used this paired with Design Essential Curl Stretching Cream on wash days.

  • Other times i use cantu pomade and it works just as good--with both of these, a little goes a long way!

5. Aussie 3-Minute Moisture deep conditioner: HONEY LISTEN....i spend good money

when it comes to my hair, especially when it comes to conditioners. But this is now my right hand for my routine washes. the slip, the moisture, the smell and it’s easy to find and oh, and she cost like $2 so yeah.

Spare Change: The THING to top all of this off is the Q Redew. This steamer comes in handy for conditioning my hair and stretching my hair which helps elongate the coils for any hairstyle. Shrinkage? It’s real

What’s in ICV’s Hair Box

Hair Type: I wish I knew

Porosity: LOW LOW LOW

Natural Hair journey: ~4 years

Main needs IYC wants from hair products: moisture and frizz control

So, unfortunately, my list isn’t as exciting as AW’s mostly because my hair gets super gunky if I use more than one product at a time and because I honestly haven’t explored much! However, I’m more than happy to check any recommendations.

1. A handy-dandy spray bottle: Listen if you’re anything like me, you loathe having to touch your hair Once I rock my poppin twist out, there’s no way I’m touching my hair again (the older the twist out, the better it looks). When it’s time for me to retwist or wash my hair, I pull out my spray bottle to make the detangling process a bit easier. (things I put in my bottle: water, hair oil, leave-in conditioner, shea butter, etc.)

2. Vitamin E oil: Thus far, this is the only oil, besides argan oil, that works best for me. It always leaves my hair feeling super soft, shiny, and most importantly flexible. Plus it doesn’t smell! You can find it at literally any beauty supply store

3. Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter: This is the best hair cream I have ever used because it doesn’t flake and it's not heavy on my tresses. I love it because it smells good, it’s thick, and it gives a good hold.

4. 24 Hour Edge Tamer by Ebin New York: Easily the best edge control I’ve ever used. S/o to my little sister for putting me on. It slicks my lil’ bit of edges I have, it’s not sticky and most importantly it does not flake. I love it!

5. The almighty perm rods: BABY, perm rods are man's greatest invention! They are my go-to for anything because my hair is naturally straight if I don't manipulate it. I twist my hair around them right before I go to bed and I wake up with better curls than goldie locks!

Dimes, we know your hair can make or break your attitude, your purse, and your day. Take the time to figure out what works for you and don't be afraid to experiment with new styles. Most of the time, we watch youtube videos to figure out which products we want to try. Ask some friends or join social media groups to product swap and seek advice. We're all in this hair journey together. Let us know what works for you and if you try any of our recommendations!

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