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things take time

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

As I traveled on my first business trip, alone. I was extremely anxious but excited. 1. I was completely alone, going to a place I had never been before. 2 people were getting snatched by fake ubers left and right 3. Did I mention I was completely alone? For these same reasons, I was excited. Well. Except for the Ubers but you get the point.

Baltimore is lovely, my hotel was lovely, the event I hosted was lovely.

the highlight of my trip, however, happened as I was heading to lunch. an older gentleman approached me as I was leaving the hotel and asked if I knew where to get food: No, sir, I'm not from here but I’m going to walk and find something. Do you mind if I join you? Immediate panic. Anxiety. And a bit of annoyance. But for some reason, I couldn’t say no.

We walked about a block, the usual small talk: where are you from, what brings you to BLT. We’re seated, we quietly looked through the menu and order. As we ate, he told me stories of his life, he was a jack of all trades, his bread, and butter coming from working for a railroad company for 50 years and ran his own company, something like the modern-day I felt like I knew him all my life. This man was a hoot!

When he discovered he was 40 years my senior, he told me a story that he said changed his life and for me to remember as I aged. He looked at me and said, “Do you know the 3 T’s?” I’ll keep it short.

Things Take Time:

slow down and stay in your lane: in the age of social media and instant gratification we have become accustomed to getting things quickly and constantly being in the know. we try to skip stages of life that are necessary just to get where we want to be because we feel like we’re getting left behind. Understand, what is for you is surely yours. Stay the course, take your time. It has your name written on it and it will not pass you by.

with time: it will get easier to deal with. But sis, you have to deal with it. We struggle with acknowledging the anger, hurt, confusion or dissatisfaction in our lives in hopes that it will go away, it won’t, it will continue knocking at your door . You have to live in your truth, be honest with yourself about your situation. Deal with it day by day whatever “it” may be.

put in work: girl get up, and go get it! It’s yours, it has been prepared for you, it has your name on it. But it will not chase you. You know what it is you’re working towards, be consistent, prayerful and disciplined in your efforts and the doors will open.

**spare change**

say YES: you never know who you will meet, or the message God has prepared for you. Sometimes, slowing down and getting out of your comfort zone and just saying yes will lead you down a wonderful path.



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