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who's in their bag: victoria stewart x classic love stories

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

who: Victoria Stewart. I am a young boss, wife, and mom who is just trying to follow her dreams. the bag:

Classic Love Stories – “Everything for that BOMB Bride & Bridal Party.” Offering beautiful, personalized wedding party gifts and bridal swag.

instagram: @ClassicLoveStories_

facebook: @ClassicLoveStories website: coming soon!


september 30, 2017. inspiration:

My inspiration is, of course, my loving family, but also those women like myself stepping out and walking into their dreams and reaching their full God-given potential. I pride myself on being an amazing wife and exceptional mother – but knowing I can support and empower other BOMB ASS Women to follow their dreams is an inspiration itself. a challenge:

One??? Oh my, there are so many… I think the most challenging aspect of being in my bag is…Balance, or lack of balance. Balancing being a new wife, a new mother and having a new small business is a challenge. Through this process, I am learning that putting time for myself and my business/dreams is okay and can be very rewarding. greatest part about the hustle:

The greatest part of my hustle is it allows me to grow creatively and entrepreneurially. Every love has a story and I wanted my brand and company to help share that. Whether through our products and gifts or during our featured shoutout days. Our goal is to bring you joy and happiness through our products while allowing you to feel like a BOMB ASS Bride at the same time! fun fact:

Classic Love Stories was created after I married the love of my life. CLS was actually our wedding hashtag, so it is dear to my heart. I felt that the name would be perfect for this business because every love is classic and has a story tip for others chasing the bag:

Never stop chasing…

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