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who's in their bag: austin costner x Costner & Co.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021


Austin Costner | @austincostner - founder + CEO of Costner & Co Skincare + Costner Cosmetics

the bag:

Costner and Company Skincare + Costner Cosmetics are the current businesses I own. Producing quality skin and beauty products that are all-natural and vegan. Instagram: @costnercosmetics

the story:

The idea of Costner and Company skincare came about in 2017 and was officially established in September of 2019. As an extension of Costner and Co., Costner Cosmetics began planning and production back in 2016 and will be officially established in February of 2020. the inspiration:

My inspiration comes from my family and close family friends, who are all successful business owners. In my younger days, I would take part in societal dinners, galas, and county wide events through my hometown country club, where plenty of self-made business owners were showcased. It was also through those experiences that inspired me to do what I have now made a reality. the constant challenge:

A challenge I continuously have to overcome is finding the balance between my personal relationships, my businesses, and my academic career. I never intentionally fall short in one or the other; however, it does happen, which in return leads me to overcompensate and repeating the cycle again. a tip for someone chasing the bag:

My biggest tip, especially for beginning entrepreneurs… Do not start a business just for the sake of saying “I own a business.” Be about it. Spend time on it. Always put out consistent efforts that are of quality because your name is attached to it. Your face is attached to it and you never want anyone to associate you with something of bad nature.

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