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who's in their bag?: pangshua x lue + riley

Updated: Jul 3, 2021


pangshua | creative, artist, entrepreneur

the bag:

lue + riley, inspiring women to live with the deep conviction that she is worthy, she is treasured. adorning your ears + heart with this truth.

established: july 2018


faith + family. we’re all searching for a place to belong, a tribe to call ours, a circle we can show up + authentically be our whole selves. so to the ones i call family, they give me support, space + grace to figure life out. and my faith, my God, reminds me of my identity, my dna, of what’s possible, and of truth. and in a full circle sense, being outdoors inspires me - whether it’s architecture, nature or people. we’re all connected. we’re all valued.

what’s one challenge that you continuously have to overcome:

putting my “art” out there; it’s scary to put your work on display, even if it’s products you believe in. i’m constantly working through my inner critic and self-doubt. we all have that nagging voice that says, “you’re not good enough.” i’m constantly learning how to box her out. ha!

a tip for someone chasing the bag:

patience + vision is key. success and growth don’t happen overnight. be patient with the process. know where you want to go. set short term + long term goals. be patient with yourself. find + lean on good mentors. grow with other entrepreneurs. don’t be afraid to ask for help.

what resources did you use that could potentially be of help to another chasing their bag?

hiring a business consultant can be one of the best investments for success. if you don’t have the tech skills, you can save yourself a lot of time trying to figure out the logistics of starting up, building a website, etc. other great tools that have been helpful: Planoly (or preview app), Mailchimp, and Creative Live.

how do you gain the support and/or the social media following? how do you overcome, not having the support and the social media following?

gaining a following + online support is all about relationships. business + relationships are inseparable. your following/social media growth comes through trust, credibility + connection. It takes time to build your community. you can’t worry about the social media numbers because they’re deceptive. worry about the real numbers: customer retention, new customer acquisition, sales, real people.

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